Asset Management

Asset Management and the TENEO solution

Softeco asset management solutions focus on maintenance planning and management, offering a set of tools specifically designed to control and improve its operational performance.

The primary objective is to help the maintenance and plants security personnel to do their service using simple and fast tools  enabling, within their discretional limits, definition and development of a timely and comprehensive  maintenance work plan, assessing costs and efficiencies .

Teneo is Softeco’s  software solution for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance management.

It provides a set of tools for action planning, technicians operation optimization and verification, cost control, document and safety devices management.

Goals of the system are:

  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance management
  • composition and scheduling of the teams operating the maintenance activities
  • cost analysis and reduction

Teneo has the following features:

  • Flexibility: suitable for various company realities and adaptable to any type of business organization
  • Usability: easy to use even for resources with modest technological skills
  • Accessibility: easily installed on centralized systems as WEB-based system, there is no need for agents on client systems. The front-end is designed to be used on mobile devices
  • Integration: the system can be integrated with solutions that adopt NFC technology, QRCODE, RFID

Teneo consists of two main modules, web and mobile, working in integrated mode

Teneo Web  functionalities:

  • Master data, procedures and users configuration
  • Planning, scheduling and optimization of scheduled and occasional maintenance
  • Maintenance interventions assignment
  • Multi-channel interventions notification (email, web, mobile) and acceptance / rejection management
  • Interventions verification and labor costs and spare parts control

Teneo Mobile  functionalities:

  • Interventions acceptance / rejection
  • Operational support through “step by step” procedures
  • On field information and values collection (intervention ticket opening, parameters detection, counters, states, …) with real-time automatic alignment of  the central system
  • Automatic interventions certification (operator ID, date / time, assets, …) by tags or labels reading (NFC, RFID, QR code, bar code)
  • Localization and Tracking

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