Trasporti Scolastici

PERSONALBUS-SSM® is the system for the design and automatic scheduling of school transport services.

It allows to collect and manage the travel needs directly at school enrollment time, and then organize and automatically runs Schoolbus races according to the school calendar of each student.

All the planning activities of the school buses routes, that must be performed at the beginning of each school year in response to new and different student enrollments in each school, are automated and speeded up. The system will handle in batch mode the service optimization, in order to ensure the greatest possible usability and productivity. This feature is very effective when you have to organize and manage services (also extended ones), with the best optimization of available resources (vehicles and personnel).

The sophisticated algorithm used for the definition of the service allows to establish in advance, using a simple and intuitive interface, the quality of the final result, freely defining the desired optimization level. Taking into consideration that the use of off-line procedures for the definition of the routes and schedules is highly recommended, PERSONALBUS-SSM® can automatically reach the best possible result even with large amounts of data to process. For this reason it can be used effectively for both small and large reality.