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WEB,SMS,EMAIL SERVICES: notification systems by  SMS, eMail or WEB

Softeco Sismat has developed a series of advanced solutions to provide users with information via SMS, web and / or email, able to meet the customization needs like layout, operation, functionality and integration with existing services in the area.

The services or the infomobility  web portals can be enriched by multi-level interactive maps through which user  can use of location-based services, view traffic levels, plan multimodal trip and more. The use of latest trends web-based solution technology  (HTML5) makes this service ideal for a multi-platform, multi-browser and multi-device use.

Custom SMS and email services can instead be used for more specific applications like push notifications or timely information delivery request (eg buses times at the bus stop or traffic notifications in the area of interest).


  • PERSONALBUS .net WEB® – internet bookings
  • PERSONALBUS .net InfoSMSeMAIL® – On Call Transport Service internet and email appointments notification
  • PERSONALBUS .net ClientSMS ® – On Call Transport Service automatic SMS management


  • OPPTIMA InfoSMS ® – information management via SMS
  • OPPTIMA INFOWEB ® – information management via internet
  • OPPTIMA -DRT® SMSbusComing – On Call Transport Service “bus coming” information via SMS


  • Emixer WEB – infomobility information via web
  • Emixer SMS – infomobility information via SMS


Proteco has a strong experience in smartphones and tablets native applications. Within these solutions have been also implemented multichannel mobile information services, designed to provide flexible and fast end user tools to meet the needs of information “on the move”. As for the other mobility and transport information delivery channels, the native eMIXER app services are specifically designed for the selected application areas:  Trip Planning, Traffic, Public Transport, Parking areas, Webcams, points of interest etc. The advanced features combined with performance and operational optimization, make the native eMIXER app an extremely powerful and efficient way to improve on the move information dissemination.

  • eMIXER APP – infomobility smartphones and tablets information via APP