Flexible Transports & Smart Mobility

Softeco Sismat solutions for Flexible Transport Management and Smart Mobility contribute to the growth of a real sustainable mobility, characterized by energy consumption and air pollution reduction.

These goals are achieved thanks to the specific characteristics of these solutions. Flexible transport services provide optimized routes according to the effective moving needs of users, minimizing vehicles travel and on road presence (routes reduction, fuel consumption reduction, traffic and pollution reduction).

Thanks to the flexible transport services, vehicles move only where and when necessary. Softeco Sismat solutions for managing flexible transport services are used in urban, sub-urban and extra-urban environments, in large cities and  small towns, in rural areas and mountain communities.

In addition to the services for Local Public Transport, the Softeco Sismat solution suite provides some vertical solutions for the management of specific services (disabled transport, school transport, intelligent shuttles).

Smart Mobility offer is completed by solutions for Car Pooling, Collective Taxi, Taxibus services management and for eco-sustainable logistics and Infomobility.


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