Transports & Infrastructures

Muovere velocemente ed efficientemente persone , merci e informazioni

Move quickly and efficiently people, goods and informations

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Today key factors for the expansion and development of the society in which we live are the intelligent and efficient management of people, goods and information mobility and the precise control of the territory technological infrastructure.

Softeco Sismat has strong experience in the development and implementation of the complex systems that manage these applications and is continually extending and updating its offering, in order to provide its customers the highest levels of excellence and quality of the solutions adopted and of the services provided.

We achieved these results thanks to constant Research and Development activity, which also led Softeco Sismat to be among the key players of the international innovation for these areas.

For smart mobility particularly Softeco Sismat has developed solutions for the environmentally friendly organization and management of services, favoring reduction of traffic, pollution and energy consumption.

The main areas in which the Company operates are:

  • PERSONALBUS .net ® is the  on call public transport services management system, both for of  urban and extra-urban areas, and […]

  • opptima-tpl

    OPPTIMA-TPL is the system for scheduled public transport fleets monitoring . OPPTIMA -TPL® modularity enables : real-time and / or […]


    PERSONALBUS-SSM® is the system for the design and automatic scheduling of school transport services. It allows to collect and manage […]

  • Personalbus-h

    PERSONALBUS-H® is the solution for the disabled transport service management, both on call and with booking. The introduction of flexible […]

  • Car Pooling

    CPManager The system allows to organize and manage Car Pooling services, both individual (such as commuting for a single company […]


    Softeco Sismat  eMIXER multi-channel  platform is able to acquire informations from different area mobility  management, control and supervision systems and […]

  • Adverto

    Adverto is a flexible system for supervision, control and intelligent integration of  heterogeneous technology environments. The system is able to […]

  • TSM

    TSM is the system for roadside assistance management. It allows the automatic  management of the entire operating process, in particular: […]

  • Teneo

    Asset Management and the TENEO solution Softeco asset management solutions focus on maintenance planning and management, offering a set of […]


    eMile eMile system optimizes goods distribution and collection, together with transport and delivery service planning and monitoring, responding in effective manner […]


    Fleet control / EasyTrack Softeco Sismat has developed and produce the Fleet Control system EasyTrack. EasyTrack can be used to […]