Oil&Gas Solutions

Softeco Sismat has to his credit an intense development activity of applications for the Oil and Gas market. Complementing these activities, the Company manages the applications maintenance, the development of new features and provides consulting services to the largest companies in the industry such as Erg, Isab, Infineum and Eni.

Softeco Sismat solutions range from the control and analysis of economic information, to the production control systems.

Among the major projects there are:

Handling Management for Oil Storage/Refineries

  • program plan management of withdrawals and supplies
  • management of processes and production, both forecast and final balance
  • management of quality and a of a “specifications books” of products for sale
  • calculation of the volumes handled through “development tanks” routine
  • fiscal management of all possible operations and cases and their electronic transmission to Customs Agency and/or bodies in charge
  • complete creation and editing of all accompanying documents related to a trip (policy documents, certificates of quality, quantity, DAA documents, etc.)
  • receivable and payable bills flows management and transmission to ERP systems

Trading Management for Oil Products

  • “Profit & Loss” calculation
  • complete management of “paper” operations or market need to provide financial cover of a sale through instruments such as SWAP, future
  • algorithms to automatically create financial coverages
  • capabilities for fulfill Emir obligations
  • supporting reports
  • receivable and payable bills flows management and transmission to ERP systems

Management of Tanks Development: The system calculates the quantity of the product, both level and quantity, using a tested and configurable routine.

Safety stocks management: Set of activities necessary to the daily control and declaration for the ministry of the obligations to keep certain quantities of petroleum products.

Control and Analysis of Economics Information: Calculation of actual prices delta towards standard average month value, squaring operations to ERP systems, calculation of indicators such as economic effect of the reduction in loadings and landfills, effect of currency exchange.

Risk Management: Activities related to risk control, such as Commercial Balance, stock risk calculation, calculation of  indicators such Var, Fair Value/Market to Market, Margin Call.

Management of communication with EMCS (EXCISE MOVEMENT CONTROL SYSTEM) European System: “Softeco.EMCS” product manages all the activities related to the “EDI” exchange (Electronic Data Intechange) of Documents/Messages related to the life cycle of an E-AD (electronic administrative document).

FREE ON BOARD costs monitoring: monitoring and control of production costs of refineries on the basis of the economic value of semi-finished products and related processes.

Monitoring of Retailers/Extra Retailers Sales prices lists: The system monitors the price lists of the products for the Retail network and out of this network, assessing risk factors and discounts campaigns based on the analysis both of territory and of sales

Investment costs Budget management: The system analyzes the economic and finance information of each individual plant/office, produces reports and KPI comparison with the aim of optimizing necessary costs and investments.

Management of Payment Cards:

  • accounting of receivable and payable bills both for Italy and Routex
  • processes accounting for electronic money and fuel coupons
  • interface with the CRM system
  • billing management in behalf of network operators
  • management interface for calculating operator’s expense
  • management interfaces for the calculation of agents’ commissions

Automation projects:

  • EMDA Project to develop the software for the automation of a Norway offshore oil platform
  • Loads shedding for Enichem plant in Ravenna; design and implementation of a function of electric loads shedding in case of failure of generators
  • construction and commissioning of the reporting system for Ain Sukhna and Sidi Kerir (Egypt) oil terminals, based on a 1090 APMS system
  • Analysis and implementation of the redundancy (hot back-up) function of the supervision system of the AGIP drilling and stocking centers
  • participation in the development and commissioning of the Bailey Infi 90 automation and supervision system of  the “Scarabeo7” – Saipem drilling platform
  • system for emission monitoring (EMS) AQMS (Air Quality Monitoring System) based on Inform It plant information management system  (Tenore) version 2.0
  • engineering for the Inform It plant information management system used to monitor emissions for the combined cycle EniPower Mantova power plant
  • Tenore Industrial IT system at the EniPower power plant, to interface PLC’s based system