Softeco Sismat per le Soluzioni "Mission Critical"

schemetto_industria_sitoSofteco Sismat is a qualified partner of Companies and Organizations that implement complex industrial systems with a significant IT component.

The collaboration with Softeco Sismat allows Customers to focus on activities that constitute their own core business, entrusting to highly skilled professionals the management of problems connected with the knowledge, supervision and management of the process, ensuring the matching of agreed budget and delivery times.

Softeco Sismat has an established and qualified presence in the following areas:




  • Teneo

    Asset Management and the TENEO solution Softeco asset management solutions focus on maintenance planning and management, offering a set of […]

  • Adverto

    Flexible system for supervision, control and intelligent integration of heterogeneous technology environments.

  • ESOS

    Esos  is the product developed by Softeco Sismat for energy consumption monitoring and analysis and has the following goals: provide […]