Distribution Networks Solutions

Softeco Sismat long term experience in the energy distribution networks solutions originate from the constant collaboration between its highly skilled technicians and its customers, that led to design and implementation, in addition to other important projects, of the Italian Energy Distribution Networks remote control system.

Deep process expertise allows us to build software systems with advanced services and operator’s tools and with the latest technology available in the market.

Following Production and Transmission, Distribution is the final phase in the process of end user electricity delivery. It is accomplished through a specific and widespread network infrastructure (the electricity distribution network) up to users or end users.

Electricity Distribution Network  main skills include:

Network operation

Besides having collaborated over the years with important customers implementing specific applications of network remote control systems for the National HV, MV and LV distribution grid, we have also developed our own  applications for support operators to run the national grid as a whole. These applications allow to view Remote Control System topological diagrams through a standard format by automatically updating diagrams themselves to any modification of the physical network.

Customer services

Through innovative tools and technologies Softeco Sismat has realized, in collaboration with its customers, a number of distribution network information support services.
Main features are:

  • Geographic maps representation of the medium voltage distribution network status
  • Grid power real-time status display
  • Network connection real-time status display
  • Medium Voltage and Low Voltage off grid users monitoring
  • Systems interface between the distribution system (medium voltage network) and remote management and control system (Low Voltage network) to predict situations of fraud by users.
  • Querying of Low Voltage equipments for energy balance needs with interruptions, consumption, and load curves representation.
  • Line breaks and burglary (copper theft) detection system

Planning and Maintenance

To allow an optimized distribution network maintenance management, Softeco Sismat has created a series of software applications and services for support and prediction, with the following features:

  • Work Plans Electronic management for electrical hazards prevention
  • Work Plans integration with plant and topological patterns derived directly from the remote control system
  • Creating and Sending notices to customers
  • Network assets Predictive Maintenance

Quality of service

Another category of applications covers the monitoring of network parameters to ensure quality of service in line with the parameters set by sector’s laws and regulations.

Management and prediction of Distributed Generation

  • Monitoring and forecasting of the generated active power, as a function of the current network status.
  • Acquisition, calculation and presentation of average values evolution, acquired and/or calculated also in comparison with each other, for one or more time periods.
  • Storage and processing of data for measuring the MT distribution network nodes voltage quality, according to the monitoring voltage quality indicators provide by ARG 198/1 regulation.