Softeco Sismat has an experience of over 30 years in the design, construction and commissioning of control and supervision systems for power plants (fossil fuel, nuclear and hydropower).

In particular, Softeco Sismat has been involved in specific activities for:

  • implementation and commissioning of DCS systems for thermal power plants and SCADA systems for remote control of hydropower stations
  • development of software products in the market, for the control and supervision of the production process
  • development of specific software for historicizing centralized long term production data of several systems
  • development of specific software for the programming of the production of energy for combined cycle power plants
  • development of specific software for the management of the production programs and their implementation, as part of the regulations imposed by the energy market

The recent increase in production of electricity through the use of alternative sources, has given to Softeco Sismat the opportunity to develop, both in house and both for major market players, control and production forecasting systems for the management of both photovoltaic and wind farms medium and large systems.

In the production field, Softeco Sismat develops specific projects for enterprise customers and provides specific advice.

In the world of renewable energy Softeco Sismat is on the market with specific solutions:

  • Zephyrus

    Zephyrus is a complete solution for Wind Farms monitoring, able to  analyze and optimize renewable sources energy production. Distinctive features […]

  • Helios

    Helios is a software product that allows the management and monitoring of photovoltaic systems, in order to analyze and optimize […]