Energy Efficiency & Cost Control

Energy bill is a major cost item for each company.

Thanks to the long experience in the supervision, monitoring and plant control systems implementation and to the market leadership in the energy management IT solutions, Softeco Sismat  is engaged in designing and implementing solutions for Consumption Optimization and for Energy Efficiency.

ESOS (Smart Energy Optimization System) is a product designed to allow real-time monitoring, control and technical and administrative management of multi-source energy consumption (Electricity, gas and water), together with complex systems cost analysis (for eg. residential or commercial/industrial sites) that include loads of different nature, generation (RES, CHP, CHCP, etc.) and storage.

For the specific application of cost control, the EDM (Energy Data Manager) product enables billing control and economic scenarios simulation for the energy purchase process.

Softeco Sismat supports customers who wish to address the issue of energy efficiency by offering products, customized solutions and focused consulting services that allow to:

  • monitor real-time energy consumption and generation (where applicable) of the plant/facility
  • classify consumption (how much and how you consume)
  • correlate consumption and related costs
  • provide data to analyze the needs and make more affordable choices for energy use and supply
  • perform energy audits and identify waste and/or inefficiencies of the plants
  • adopt custom tools integrated in the customers ICT architecture, to monitor in real time the status of the plant and correlate with environmental parameters
  • analyze and interpret the measured data, to identify the actions to achieve increased efficiency and energy savings (simulations, comparisons scenarios, etc.)
  • implement policies to optimize consumption/costs through remote control of plant
  • enable the development and implementation of an overall strategy for the optimum management of energy sources
  • support the management of supply of energy carriers (eg. solutions for the billing control)

On the energy efficiency issues Softeco Sismat has a long term and deep research and development activity carried on in collaboration with the University of Genoa.

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  • Energy Data Manager

    EDM (Energy Data Manager) is the solution designed for the Energy Manager, for the control of expenditure and the optimized management of the electrical consumption and supply.