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L’Energia al centro delle proposte Softeco Sismat

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Softeco Sismat is a leading developer of solutions and systems for the energy supply chain, from production to transmission, to distribution and sales, for free and protected market players.

Thanks to a unique breadth and completeness, Softeco Sismat is able to offer products and services to all actors involved in the various areas of this market.

In particular, the proposed solutions are characterized by innovation, flexibility and scalability, and are therefore able to support both small local companies and large nationwide players.

The main areas of expertise are:

  • ESOS

    Esos  is the product developed by Softeco Sismat for energy consumption monitoring and analysis and has the following goals: provide […]

  • Helios

    Helios is a software product that allows the management and monitoring of photovoltaic systems, in order to analyze and optimize […]

  • Zephyrus

    Zephyrus is a complete solution for Wind Farms monitoring, able to  analyze and optimize renewable sources energy production. Distinctive features […]

  • Energy Data Manager

    EDM (Energy Data Manager) is the solution designed for the Energy Manager, for the control of expenditure and the optimized management of the electrical consumption and supply.

  • Adverto

    Flexible system for supervision, control and intelligent integration of heterogeneous technology environments

  • Energy&Gas Retail

    Energy & Gas Retail Suite Softeco Sismat has developed and markets the Energy & Gas Retail suite. The product is […]