The PROTECO Consortium was created in November 2012 by  initiative of entrepreneurs who shared an industrial project of integration of their respective powers, aimed at creating a new entity that could relate to the market by expressing a range of solutions and services that are not easily replicable.

The target market audience is that of complex ICT solutions, which integrate the demand for skills / technologies from the sector more properly of computing (IT) and the demand for skills / technologies that arise in the world of telecommunications (TLC).

The integration of expertise has enabled us to develop and strengthen the capacity to offer integrated IT / TLC solutions with the aim of taking a leading role at  national level.

Proteco shows a very rich portfolio and is able to apply for the provision of solutions that the single companies of the Consortium could not address for history, size or tradition, being mainly focused on providing services.

The Proteco goals are:

  • To improve its position in the markets already served and in their traditional customers , due to the wider offer portfolio
  • Adress  new market and new applications at their traditional customers, thanks to the integration of skills between the Consortium companies
  • Develop business market segments today unattended or not accessible by the individual Consortium companies
  • Develop a new integrated proposal in emerging markets (Smart, Cloud)
  • To market, through agreements with leading technology suppliers, enhanced by the skills of the Proteco laboratory, technologically advanced products to provide innovative solutions in the ICT field
  • Develop an international presence either directly either indirectly through large main contractor.

The Consortium companies, regardless of their size, have all a recognized market excellence and the mosaic was constructed by seeking the complementarity of skills and the substantial absence of overlap.

The portfolio offer includes:

  • Telecommunications Networks Engineering
  • Optical transport, IP and access technological solutions for Telecommunications Networks , with a focus on Next Generation Networks
  • Internetworking
  • Networking security and Unified Communications solutions
  • Smart City and Smart Grid solutions
  • Energy market solutions
  • Infrastructure market solutions
  • Transport and Mobility markets solutions
  • Business Intelligence Data solutions
  • Products for electrical networks market
  • Cloud  Applications

Companies participating in the Consortium are:

  • Softeco Sismat
  • TerniEnergia
  • Selesoft
  • Technovo

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